Our Traders

We are a group of talented professionals with a wide range of skills and experience. We love what we do, and we do it with passion. We look forward to seeing you.

Quiverstock products
Quiverstock Ltd


Quiverstock Ltd is one of the UK’s leading historical archery specialists. Our range includes our famous side knocked ash longbows, war bows, and crossbows for a range of periods. Our ash bows are hand made by our in-house bowyer. We are also a main UK stockist of Mongolian and Scythian style horse bows. Our own fletcher offers a range of arrows, quarrels and bolts. Of course no archery shop is complete without a range of accessories . Quiverstock Ltd is the UK’s leading manufacturer of quality historical and specialist bohurt gambesons and arming garments, also a range of civilian soft kit. We manufacture all our clothing in our UK based workshop and use only the best quality materials, such as pure linen and wool fabrics.

Hampshire Historica stall
Hampshire Historica

In addition to being event organisers we trade in Woolen Fabrics, simple leather goods and other useful stuff.  We fashion ourselves as Medieval Upholsterers which means to physically uphold things to sell, literally the Del Boy Trotters of the medieval world, so you never know what we may actually have.  Dylan also has modern upholstery experience making mattress for the everyday and the odd one for museums and currently works for Historic Environment Scotland looking after one of the oldest monuments in Scotland.

Gear & Graith stall
Gear & Graith


Gear & Graith specialises in reproducing the material culture of Northern Britain and the Irish Sea Zone in the Viking Age. 
From clothing accessories to living history equipment, our reproductions are made as close to the original artefacts as possible in bone & antler, copper-alloy, wood, textile and leather.

Vaughan Thomas Accessories


We produce handmade pieces predominantly for the Dark Ages era , but we also make bespoke pieces for all eras .We have made pieces from Egyptian and Roman periods all the way up to Jedi !!We are based in North Wales and work with precious and base metals, bone , antler , leather and textiles with the occasional bit of woodwork as well.Although we have our regular stock , we also take commissions for bespoke and reproduction pieces.

Properly Dressed


Supplying historical and re-enactment clothing that is made to measure. Made using historically accurate patterns, Choose your level of authentic construction to suit your budget and your group’s guidelines. Get in touch for a free consultation and estimate.

Quartermaster stores stall at a market
Quartermaster Stores


Historical Outfitters. We offer the largest selection of Footwear, Accessories, Accoutrements, Bespoke leatherwork, buckles and buttons for many periods.
We specialise in the C18th & C19th but regularly supply items for many different periods.

Picture of Pictavia Leather's owner Hamish
Pictavia Leather


Pictavia Leather brings Scottish/Pictish history and leatherwork together with museum replicas, living history reproductions, and contemporary Scottish leather goods.

Picture of the Roving Apothecary's stall
The Roving Apothecary


Selling artisan historically inspired Spiced Honeys alongside hard to find historic herbs and spices, hand blended herbal teas, top quality essential oils and handmade sharpening stones.

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