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Dylan Hampshire
Dylan Hampshire

Dylan returned to Scotland from many years in Kent where he ran events and re-enactment groups for many years.  Even after clearing and selling kit and moving three times he still had too much stuff so he decided to go to a Scottish Reenactors’ market to sell it all at one time. He discovered that there was no Scottish Market and in that moment the Ancient and Auld Market was born.

He currently is a Steward for Historic Environment Scotland at Cairnpapple Henge one of Scotlands oldest ancient monuments and in his spare time runs Hampshire Historica, loving nothing more than creating events to spread his love of history.

Julie Hastings

Julie has 20 years experience in reenactment born from a love of all things medieval which started in her early childhood with a fascination of castles, knights and the spectacle of the joust. After taking up archery as a hobby Julie soon realised that she could shoot an actual longbow, which immediately lead her into Scottish reenactment and the wonderful world of historical costume and living history.

Becoming a competent historical archer, Julie soon started to make her own arrows and as a fletcher was able to recreate the process in the living history environment. Friends and friends of friends wanted Julie to make their arrows too and it was then that Julie started her, what was then part-time, business Quiverstock. As time as progressed Quiverstock has become a limited company making not only arrows, but also bows and a large range of historical clothing and accessories for a variety of periods.

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